serious Definition

  • 1important and needing a lot of thought or attention
  • 2not joking or intended to be funny
  • 3severe or dangerous
  • 4showing that you are thinking about something carefully and that it is important to you

Using serious: Examples

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    The situation is serious and requires immediate action.

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    He gave me a serious look and told me to listen carefully.

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    The patient's condition is serious and requires surgery.

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    She is a serious student who always does her homework.

serious Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for serious

Idioms Using serious

  • to start taking something seriously


    If we want to win this game, we need to get serious and focus on our strategy.

  • completely serious and not joking at all


    I'm deadly serious when I say that this is the best pizza in town.

  • very serious and stern


    When he found out that his son had been skipping school, he was serious as a judge and grounded him for a month.

Phrases with serious

  • serious business

    something that is very important and requires a lot of effort and attention


    Starting a new business is serious business.

  • being committed and dedicated to something


    She is serious about her career and works hard every day.

  • very serious and potentially life-threatening


    His heart condition is serious as a heart attack and requires immediate medical attention.

Origins of serious

from Latin 'serius', meaning 'weighty, important'


Summary: serious in Brief

The term 'serious' [ˈsɪrɪəs] refers to something important, requiring thought and attention. It can also mean not joking or being severe or dangerous. The phrase 'serious business' denotes something that requires a lot of effort and attention, while 'serious about something' means being committed and dedicated to something. The idiom 'get serious' means to start taking something seriously.

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