solemn Definition

  • 1formal and dignified
  • 2not cheerful or smiling
  • 3serious and without any humour

Using solemn: Examples

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  • Example

    The judge had a solemn expression on his face.

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    The funeral was a solemn occasion.

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    The president made a solemn promise to the people.

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    The atmosphere in the church was solemn and peaceful.

solemn Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using solemn

  • very serious and formal


    He looked as solemn as a judge when he delivered the news.

  • a quiet and serious atmosphere


    The room was filled with a solemn silence as the news sank in.

  • a formal and dignified parade


    The solemn procession made its way through the streets, led by the king's carriage.

Phrases with solemn

  • a serious and formal promise


    He made a solemn vow to always protect his family.

  • solemn warning

    a serious and formal cautionary statement


    The government issued a solemn warning about the dangers of smoking.

  • a formal and binding promise made under oath


    The witness took a solemn oath to tell the truth in court.

Origins of solemn

from Old French 'solemne', from Latin 'sōlennis', meaning 'annual, established, religiously fixed'


Summary: solemn in Brief

The term 'solemn' [ˈsɑːləm] refers to a formal, serious, and dignified manner, often without any humor. It is used to describe occasions like funerals, promises, and warnings, as well as people's expressions and attitudes. Phrases like 'solemn vow' and idioms like 'solemn as a judge' further emphasize the gravity of the situation.