cheerful Definition

  • 1noticeably happy and optimistic
  • 2causing happiness by its nature or appearance

Using cheerful: Examples

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    She had a cheerful disposition that brightened everyone's day.

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    The colorful flowers in the garden made for a cheerful sight.

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    He greeted us with a cheerful smile.

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    The cheerful music put everyone in a good mood.

cheerful Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using cheerful

  • be of good cheer

    to be optimistic and cheerful in difficult circumstances


    Even though things were tough, he was always of good cheer, encouraging others to stay positive.

  • cheer up

    to become happier and more optimistic


    Whenever she was feeling down, her friends would try to cheer her up with jokes and laughter.

  • three cheers for

    an expression of congratulations or support


    Three cheers for the newlyweds!

Phrases with cheerful

  • a person who gives generously and happily


    She was known as a cheerful giver, always willing to help those in need.

  • a person who is always happy and optimistic


    Despite all the challenges she faced, she remained a cheerful soul.

  • a positive or optimistic message


    The speech ended on a cheerful note, inspiring everyone to work towards a better future.

Origins of cheerful

from Middle English 'chere', meaning 'face, countenance'


Summary: cheerful in Brief

The term 'cheerful' [ˈtʃɪəf(ə)l] describes a person or thing that is noticeably happy and optimistic, often causing happiness in others. It can refer to a person's disposition, as in 'She had a cheerful disposition that brightened everyone's day,' or to the appearance of something, as in 'The colorful flowers in the garden made for a cheerful sight.' 'Cheerful' extends into phrases like 'cheerful giver,' and idioms like 'be of good cheer,' denoting optimism, and 'cheer up,' implying an increase in happiness.