grave Definition

  • 1a place where a dead body is buried
  • 2giving cause for alarm; serious

Using grave: Examples

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    The grave of the famous poet was visited by many admirers.

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    The situation is very grave and requires immediate attention.

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    The doctor's expression grew grave as she read the test results.

grave Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for grave

Phrases with grave

  • dig one's own grave

    to do something that will cause one's own downfall or ruin


    By refusing to listen to advice, he dug his own grave and lost the opportunity.

  • beyond the grave

    after death


    The author's work continues to be popular beyond the grave.

  • a serious error


    It was a grave mistake to trust him with the secret.

Origins of grave

from Old English 'græf'


Summary: grave in Brief

The term 'grave' [ɡreɪv] refers to a burial site for a dead body. It also means serious or giving cause for alarm, as in 'The situation is very grave and requires immediate attention.' The phrase 'dig one's own grave' means to cause one's own downfall, while 'a grave mistake' refers to a serious error.

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