absorbent Definition

  • 1able to soak up liquid easily
  • 2a material or substance that is able to soak up liquid easily

Using absorbent: Examples

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    The sponge is very absorbent and can soak up a lot of water.

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    The paper towel is made of an absorbent material that can clean up spills quickly.

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    The diaper has an absorbent lining that keeps the baby dry.

absorbent Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with absorbent

  • a material used to clean up oil spills


    The crew used oil absorbent pads to clean up the spill.

  • a material used to absorb moisture or humidity


    Silica gel packets are commonly used as moisture absorbents in packaging.

  • a material used to reduce or eliminate sound reflections or echoes


    Acoustic foam panels are commonly used as sound absorbents in recording studios.

Origins of absorbent

from Latin 'absorbentem', present participle of 'absorbere', meaning 'to swallow up'


Summary: absorbent in Brief

'Absorbent' [əbˈsɔːrbənt] refers to the ability of a material or substance to soak up liquid easily. It is often used to describe spongy or porous materials, such as the lining of a diaper or a paper towel. 'Absorbent' extends into phrases like 'oil absorbent,' 'moisture absorbent,' and 'sound absorbent,' which denote materials used for specific purposes. Synonyms include 'spongy,' 'porous,' and 'thirsty.'