accredited Definition

officially recognized or authorized, especially by a government or other organization.

Using accredited: Examples

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    The university is accredited by the state.

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    Only accredited journalists are allowed to attend the press conference.

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    The company is seeking to become accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

accredited Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with accredited

  • an individual or entity that is allowed to invest in certain securities that are not registered with financial authorities because they meet certain income or net worth requirements


    The hedge fund only accepts investments from accredited investors.

  • a school that has been officially recognized by an accrediting agency as meeting certain standards of quality and excellence


    The college is an accredited school, which means its degrees are recognized by other institutions and employers.

  • a laboratory that has been certified by a recognized authority as meeting certain standards of quality and accuracy


    The drug company only uses accredited laboratories to test its products.

Origins of accredited

from Latin 'accreditare', meaning 'to give credence to'


Summary: accredited in Brief

The term 'accredited' [əˈkrɛdɪtɪd] refers to official recognition or authorization, often by a government or other organization. It can be used to describe schools, laboratories, journalists, and investors that have met certain standards of quality and excellence. 'Accredited' is synonymous with 'authorized' and 'recognized,' and antonyms include 'unaccredited' and 'unauthorized.'