advanced Definition

  • 1far on or ahead in development or progress
  • 2at a higher level than others in knowledge or skill
  • 3complex or sophisticated

Using advanced: Examples

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  • Example

    She has advanced skills in programming.

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    The course is designed for advanced students.

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    The company uses advanced technology to manufacture its products.

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    The disease had already reached an advanced stage.

advanced Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with advanced

  • advance warning

    a notification given before something happens, especially something unpleasant or dangerous


    The weather service issued an advance warning of the approaching storm.

  • money paid before goods or services are received


    The company requires an advance payment before starting the project.

  • a legal document that specifies a person's wishes regarding medical treatment in the event they are unable to make decisions for themselves


    She completed an advance directive to ensure her end-of-life wishes were respected.

Origins of advanced

from Latin 'advancer', meaning 'to move forward'


Summary: advanced in Brief

The term 'advanced' [ədˈvænst] refers to being far on or ahead in development or progress, at a higher level than others in knowledge or skill, or complex and sophisticated. It is used to describe people, technology, diseases, and more. Phrases like 'advance warning' and 'advance payment' use 'advance' to denote something given or received before an event or transaction. 'Advanced' is often used in formal contexts to describe sophisticated or developed things.