sophisticated Definition

  • 1having a good understanding of the way people behave and/or a good knowledge of culture and fashion
  • 2having a complicated or advanced design, technology, or system
  • 3having refined taste or manners

Using sophisticated: Examples

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    She has a sophisticated understanding of politics.

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    The restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience.

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    The software has a sophisticated algorithm for data analysis.

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    He is known for his sophisticated taste in art and literature.

sophisticated Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for sophisticated

Idioms Using sophisticated

  • overly confident in one's own intelligence or abilities, often resulting in mistakes or misjudgments


    He thought he could outsmart the police, but he was too clever by half and got caught.

  • to act in a pretentious or snobbish manner, especially to impress others


    She always puts on airs when she's around her wealthy friends.

  • above one's pay grade

    beyond one's level of authority or expertise


    I'm sorry, but that decision is above my pay grade. You'll have to speak to my supervisor.

Phrases with sophisticated

  • a woman who is cultured, elegant, and worldly-wise


    She was a sophisticated lady who traveled the world and spoke several languages.

  • the ability to appreciate and distinguish complex flavors in food and drink


    As a food critic, he has a sophisticated palate and can identify even the subtlest of flavors.

  • advanced and complex technology that requires specialized knowledge to operate


    The company's new product features sophisticated technology that sets it apart from its competitors.

Origins of sophisticated

from Medieval Latin 'sophisticatus', meaning 'mixed with a foreign substance'


Summary: sophisticated in Brief

The term 'sophisticated' [səˈfɪstɪkeɪtɪd] describes someone or something that is knowledgeable about culture, fashion, or behavior, or has a complicated or advanced design or system. It can also refer to refined taste or manners. Examples include 'The restaurant offers a sophisticated dining experience,' and 'He is known for his sophisticated taste in art and literature.' Idioms like 'too clever by half' and 'put on airs' describe negative aspects of sophistication, while 'above one's pay grade' refers to situations beyond one's expertise.

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