half Definition

  • 1one of two equal or nearly equal parts into which something can be divided
  • 2a half-hour; thirty minutes

Using half: Examples

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  • Example

    I ate half of the pizza.

  • Example

    She only drank half of her coffee.

  • Example

    He works half-time at the store.

  • Example

    The game is tied at two and a half.

half Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using half

  • to have completed the most difficult part of a task


    Getting started on the project is half the battle.

  • go off half-cocked

    to act without thinking or planning


    He went off half-cocked and made a mess of things.

  • not do things by halves

    to do something thoroughly or completely


    She doesn't do things by halves and always gives 100% effort.

Phrases with half

  • half and half

    a mixture of two equal parts of milk and cream


    I like to put half and half in my coffee.

  • half-hearted

    without enthusiasm or energy


    She made a half-hearted attempt to clean her room.

  • half-baked

    poorly thought out or executed


    His plan was half-baked and doomed to fail.

Origins of half

from Old English 'healf'


Summary: half in Brief

The term 'half' [hรฆf] refers to one of two equal or nearly equal parts into which something can be divided. It can also denote a half-hour or thirty minutes. 'Half' is used in phrases like 'half and half' for a mixture of milk and cream, and 'half-hearted' for a lack of enthusiasm. Idioms include 'be half the battle,' meaning the most difficult part of a task is done, and 'go off half-cocked,' meaning to act without thinking.

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