segment Definition

  • 1each of the parts into which something is or may be divided.
  • 2a part of a citrus fruit, typically one that contains juice.

Using segment: Examples

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    The orange was divided into several segments.

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    The market can be segmented into different demographics.

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    The worm was segmented into many parts.

segment Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for segment

Phrases with segment

  • business segment

    a part of a company that operates in a particular market or serves a particular customer base


    The company's business segments include consumer products and industrial goods.

  • a group of people who share common characteristics or interests


    The program aims to help the most vulnerable segments of society.

  • a group of consumers who have similar needs or characteristics that a company can target with a specific marketing strategy


    The company identified a new market segment for its product and developed a targeted advertising campaign.

Origins of segment

from Latin 'segmentum', meaning 'a piece cut off'


Summary: segment in Brief

The term 'segment' [ˈsɛɡmənt] refers to a part or division of something, such as a citrus fruit or a market. It can also refer to a section of a company or a group of people with common characteristics, as in 'business segment' or 'segment of society.'

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