battle Definition

  • 1a fight between two armies, or a violent fight between groups of people
  • 2a long and difficult struggle to achieve something

Using battle: Examples

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    The battle lasted for three days.

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    They were killed in battle.

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    The company is battling against its competitors.

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    She battled cancer for years.

battle Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for battle

Idioms Using battle

  • to fight or argue until there is a winner or a clear resolution


    The two teams will have to battle it out in the finals to see who wins the championship.

  • to suffer a defeat in a small or insignificant matter, but ultimately emerge victorious in a larger or more important matter


    We may have lost this battle, but we'll win the war in the end.

  • battle stations

    a command given to prepare for an imminent attack or danger


    The captain ordered the crew to battle stations as they approached the enemy ship.

Phrases with battle

  • a shout uttered by soldiers going into battle


    The soldiers raised their battle cry before charging into the enemy lines.

  • a contest in which the participants try to outdo each other with clever and witty remarks


    The debate turned into a battle of wits between the two candidates.

  • a difficult task that requires a lot of effort and determination to accomplish


    Getting the bill passed through Congress will be an uphill battle.

Origins of battle

from Old French 'bataille', from Late Latin 'battualia', meaning 'exercise of soldiers'


Summary: battle in Brief

The term 'battle' [ˈbætl] refers to a violent fight between groups of people or armies, or a long and difficult struggle to achieve something. It can describe physical conflicts like 'The battle lasted for three days,' or metaphorical struggles like 'The company is battling against its competitors.' 'Battle' extends into phrases like 'battle cry,' and idioms like 'battle it out,' denoting a fight to the finish, and 'uphill battle,' implying a difficult task.

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