uphill Definition

  • 1going up a slope or incline
  • 2difficult and requiring effort

Using uphill: Examples

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  • Example

    The hikers were exhausted after the uphill climb.

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    It's an uphill battle to get this project finished on time.

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    The company is facing an uphill struggle to stay profitable.

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    The car had trouble making it up the steep uphill road.

uphill Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for uphill

Phrases with uphill

  • a difficult or challenging task that requires a lot of effort


    Getting the team to agree on a new strategy was an uphill task.

  • a difficult struggle against opposition or obstacles


    The candidate faced an uphill battle in the election due to his controversial views.

  • a difficult journey or task that requires a lot of effort


    The athlete faced an uphill climb to win the championship after his injury.


Summary: uphill in Brief

The term 'uphill' [หˆสŒpหŒhษชl] refers to going up a slope or incline, as well as being difficult and requiring effort. It can describe physical activities like hiking or driving, as well as metaphorical struggles like completing a project or staying profitable. Phrases like 'uphill task' and 'uphill battle' emphasize the difficulty of a task, while 'uphill climb' describes a difficult journey or task.

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