win Definition

  • 1to achieve victory in a competition or contest
  • 2to gain something through effort or skill

Using win: Examples

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  • Example

    She won the race by a few seconds.

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    The team won the championship for the third year in a row.

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    He won her heart with his charm and wit.

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    I hope to win the lottery someday.

win Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using win

  • to win easily or decisively


    Their team won hands down, scoring twice as many points as their opponents.

  • win the toss

    to be chosen to start a game or competition by flipping a coin


    They won the toss and chose to receive the ball first.

  • win one for the Gipper

    to win a game or competition in honor of someone who is absent or deceased


    The team was inspired to win one for the Gipper, their former coach who had recently passed away.

Phrases with win

  • to persuade someone to support or agree with you


    She was initially skeptical, but his argument eventually won her over.

  • to emerge victorious after a long and difficult struggle


    Despite facing many obstacles, their determination and perseverance helped them win the day.

  • to win a competition by a very small margin


    In a close race, she managed to win by a nose.

Origins of win

from Old English 'winnan', meaning 'to labor, strive, fight'


Summary: win in Brief

The verb 'win' [wɪn] means to achieve victory in a competition or contest, or to gain something through effort or skill. It can refer to sports, games, or personal achievements, as in 'She won the race by a few seconds.' 'Win' also appears in phrases like 'win over,' meaning to persuade someone, and idioms like 'win hands down,' meaning to win easily.

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