refined Definition

  • 1elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste
  • 2purified or made more pure by removing impurities or unwanted elements

Using refined: Examples

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    She has a refined taste in art.

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    The restaurant offers a refined dining experience.

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    The sugar was refined to remove impurities.

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    The company uses a refined process to manufacture their products.

refined Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with refined

  • sugar that has been purified to remove impurities


    I try to avoid eating refined sugar.

  • oil that has been processed to remove impurities


    Many people prefer to use refined oil for cooking.

  • a discerning and sophisticated sense of what is aesthetically pleasing


    Her refined taste in fashion is evident in her choice of clothing.

Origins of refined

from Latin 'refinare', meaning 'to purify'


Summary: refined in Brief

The term 'refined' [rɪˈfaɪnd] describes something elegant, cultured, or purified. It can refer to a person's appearance, manner, or taste, as in 'She has a refined taste in art.' Alternatively, it can describe a process of purification, such as 'The sugar was refined to remove impurities.' 'Refined' can also be used to describe a product or experience, like 'The restaurant offers a refined dining experience.'

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