graceful Definition

having or showing grace or elegance; refined.

Using graceful: Examples

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    The ballerina's movements were graceful and fluid.

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    She had a graceful way of speaking that captivated her audience.

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    The swan glided across the water with a graceful motion.

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    The building's architecture was graceful and beautiful.

graceful Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for graceful

Phrases with graceful

  • the process of growing older while maintaining physical and mental health, as well as social engagement and productivity


    She attributes her graceful aging to regular exercise and a healthy diet.

  • a departure from a situation or relationship that is handled with tact and diplomacy


    He made a graceful exit from the company, thanking his colleagues for their support and wishing them well.

  • a design principle in which a system or product continues to function at a reduced level of performance or quality in the event of a failure or error


    The software was designed with graceful degradation in mind, so that users could still access basic features even if there was a problem with the program.


Summary: graceful in Brief

The term 'graceful' [ˈɡreɪsfəl] describes someone or something that has or displays grace or elegance. It can refer to physical movements, speech, or design, as in 'The building's architecture was graceful and beautiful.' 'Graceful' also extends into phrases like 'graceful aging,' referring to healthy aging, and 'graceful exit,' meaning a tactful departure.

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