poised Definition

  • 1having a composed and self-assured manner
  • 2balanced and ready for action
  • 3in a state of balance or equilibrium

Using poised: Examples

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  • Example

    She was poised and confident during the interview.

  • Example

    The athlete was poised at the starting line, ready to run.

  • Example

    The dancer was poised on one foot, perfectly balanced.

  • Example

    He had his hand poised over the button, ready to press it.

poised Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with poised

  • ready and prepared for something to happen


    The company is poised for growth in the coming year.

  • ready and likely to do something


    The team is poised to win the championship this year.

  • in a state of uncertainty or indecision between two options


    She was poised between accepting the job offer and staying at her current job.

Origins of poised

from French 'poiser', meaning 'to weigh'


Summary: poised in Brief

The term 'poised' [pɔɪzd] describes someone or something that is composed, self-assured, and ready for action. It can also refer to being in a state of balance or equilibrium. Examples include 'She was poised and confident during the interview' and 'The athlete was poised at the starting line, ready to run.' Phrases like 'poised for something' and 'poised to do something' denote readiness and preparation, while 'poised between something and something' implies indecision.