balanced Definition

  • 1having an equal distribution of weight, amount, or force
  • 2keeping or showing a balance; not excessively biased

Using balanced: Examples

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    The scales are perfectly balanced.

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    A balanced diet is essential for good health.

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    She gave a balanced view of the situation.

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    The report provides a balanced assessment of the company's performance.

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    He has a balanced approach to problem-solving.

balanced Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with balanced

  • a situation in which nations or groups of nations have roughly equal power and are therefore able to prevent any one nation from dominating the others


    The treaty aimed to maintain a balance of power in Europe.

  • strike a balance

    find a compromise between two extremes


    It's important to strike a balance between work and leisure time.

  • make sure that the amount of money spent is not greater than the amount of money received


    The accountant was hired to help balance the books.


Summary: balanced in Brief

The term 'balanced' [ˈbælənst] refers to having an equal distribution of weight, amount, or force, or keeping or showing a balance without excessive bias. It applies to physical objects like scales, as well as abstract concepts like opinions or assessments. Examples include 'A balanced diet is essential for good health,' and 'She gave a balanced view of the situation.' Phrases like 'strike a balance' and 'balance the books' denote finding a compromise and ensuring financial stability, respectively.

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