unbalanced Definition

  • 1not even or equal; not balanced
  • 2mentally ill or disturbed

Using unbalanced: Examples

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    The unbalanced distribution of resources led to social unrest.

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    The unbalanced load caused the truck to tip over.

  • Example

    She became unbalanced after the traumatic event.

unbalanced Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for unbalanced

Phrases with unbalanced

  • a diet that lacks proper balance of nutrients


    Eating only junk food will result in an unbalanced diet.

  • a chemical equation that does not have an equal number of atoms on both sides


    The student needs to balance the unbalanced equation before proceeding with the experiment.

  • unbalanced force

    a force that causes a change in motion of an object


    The unbalanced force caused the car to accelerate.


Summary: unbalanced in Brief

The term 'unbalanced' [ʌnˈbælənst] refers to something that is not even or equal, such as an unbalanced distribution of resources or an unbalanced load. It can also refer to someone who is mentally ill or disturbed, as in 'She became unbalanced after the traumatic event.' 'Unbalanced' extends into phrases like 'unbalanced diet,' and scientific terms like 'unbalanced equation,' denoting a lack of proper balance or symmetry.

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