nervous Definition

  • 1easily agitated or anxious
  • 2relating to or affecting the nerves

Using nervous: Examples

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  • Example

    She was nervous about the job interview.

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    The public speaking event made him very nervous.

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    The doctor prescribed a nervous system medication.

nervous Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for nervous

Phrases with nervous

  • a sudden collapse in mental health, often caused by stress or overwork


    After working long hours for weeks, he had a nervous breakdown.

  • a person who is extremely anxious or agitated


    She was a nervous wreck before her wedding day.

  • laughter that is a response to anxiety or tension


    He let out a nervous laughter when he realized he forgot his speech notes.


Summary: nervous in Brief

The term 'nervous' [ˈnɜːrvəs] refers to being easily agitated or anxious, or relating to or affecting the nerves. It can describe a person's emotional state, such as 'She was nervous about the job interview,' or a medical condition, such as 'The doctor prescribed a nervous system medication.' Common synonyms include 'anxious' and 'tense,' while antonyms include 'calm' and 'relaxed.'

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