edgy Definition

  • 1nervous, irritable, or anxious
  • 2having a bold, unconventional, or avant-garde quality

Using edgy: Examples

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  • Example

    She was feeling edgy and couldn't sit still.

  • Example

    The movie's edgy humor made some people uncomfortable.

  • Example

    His edgy fashion sense always turns heads.

  • Example

    The artist's edgy style is known for pushing boundaries.

edgy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with edgy

  • in a state of nervousness or anxiety


    The constant noise from the construction site has put me on edge.

  • music that is experimental, unconventional, or avant-garde


    The club is known for playing edgy music that you won't hear anywhere else.

  • fashion that is unconventional, daring, or provocative


    The designer's latest collection features edgy fashion that pushes the boundaries of traditional styles.


Summary: edgy in Brief

The term 'edgy' [ˈɛdʒi] can describe a person who is nervous, irritable, or anxious, as in 'She was feeling edgy and couldn't sit still.' It can also refer to something that is bold, unconventional, or avant-garde, such as 'The artist's edgy style is known for pushing boundaries.' 'Edgy' can be used to describe fashion, music, and other creative works that are daring or provocative.

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