laughter Definition

  • 1the action or sound of laughing
  • 2an expression of mirth, derision, or joy

Using laughter: Examples

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  • Example

    The sound of her laughter filled the room.

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    His jokes always elicit laughter from the audience.

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    We shared a moment of laughter at the silly joke.

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    Her infectious laughter made everyone in the room smile.

laughter Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with laughter

  • to suddenly start laughing loudly


    When he told the joke, we all burst into laughter.

  • to try not to laugh


    I had to hold back my laughter during the serious meeting.

  • to laugh very loudly


    The comedian's jokes made the audience roar with laughter.


Summary: laughter in Brief

Laughter [ˈlæftər] is the action or sound of laughing, often expressing mirth, derision, or joy. It can be infectious, as in 'Her infectious laughter made everyone in the room smile.' Phrases like 'burst into laughter' and 'hold back laughter' describe sudden or restrained laughter, while 'roar with laughter' denotes loud laughter.

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