hilarity Definition

great merriment and amusement.

Using hilarity: Examples

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    The comedy show was filled with hilarity and laughter.

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    The children's party was full of hilarity and joy.

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    The movie was a great source of hilarity for the audience.

hilarity Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for hilarity

Phrases with hilarity

  • laugh very loudly and heartily


    The audience roared with hilarity at the comedian's jokes.

  • suddenly start laughing uncontrollably


    The situation was so absurd that we all burst into hilarity.

  • hilarity ensues

    used to describe a situation where something funny or absurd happens as a result of a previous event


    After the cat ran across the stage during the play, hilarity ensued.


Summary: hilarity in Brief

Hilarity [hɪˈlærəti] refers to great merriment and amusement, often resulting in laughter. It is commonly found in comedy shows, parties, and movies. Phrases like 'roar with hilarity' and 'burst into hilarity' describe the intensity of the laughter, while 'hilarity ensues' describes a situation where something funny happens as a result of a previous event.