ready Definition

  • 1prepared and available for use or action
  • 2willing to do something
  • 3likely to do or have something

Using ready: Examples

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  • Example

    I'm ready to go.

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    The food is ready to eat.

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    She's always ready to help.

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    He's not ready to commit to a relationship yet.

ready Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using ready

  • ready, set, go!

    a phrase used to start a race or competition


    The runners lined up at the starting line, and the announcer shouted, 'Ready, set, go!'

  • fully developed and ready to be presented to the public


    After months of rehearsals, the play was finally ready for prime time.

  • prepared and eager to begin something


    The team was ready to roll as soon as the coach blew the whistle.

Phrases with ready

  • prepare oneself or something for an event or action


    We need to get ready for the party tonight.

  • eager and prepared to do something


    The volunteers were ready and willing to help with the cleanup effort.

  • ready or not, here I come

    a phrase used in the children's game hide-and-seek to indicate that the seeker is about to start looking for the hiders


    Ready or not, here I come! Where could they be hiding?

Origins of ready

from Old English 'rǣde', meaning 'prepared, prompt'


Summary: ready in Brief

The term 'ready' [ˈrɛdi] refers to being prepared and available for use or action. It can also denote willingness or likelihood, as in 'She's always ready to help.' 'Ready' extends into phrases like 'get ready,' and idioms like 'ready for prime time,' denoting readiness for presentation to the public. Informal expressions include 'good to go' and 'raring to go.'

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