apt Definition

  • 1having a tendency to do something
  • 2suitable or appropriate in the circumstances

Using apt: Examples

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  • Example

    She is apt to forget things if she doesn't write them down.

  • Example

    His explanation was apt and to the point.

  • Example

    The teacher gave an apt example to illustrate the concept.

apt Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with apt

  • likely or prone to do something


    He is apt to get angry if you criticize him.

  • a student who is quick to learn and understand


    She was an apt pupil and always got good grades.

  • a comparison that is particularly fitting or appropriate


    Her description of the city as a living organism was an apt metaphor.

Origins of apt

from Latin 'aptus', meaning 'fit'


Summary: apt in Brief

The adjective 'apt' [รฆpt] has two main meanings. The first refers to having a tendency to do something, as in 'She is apt to forget things.' The second meaning is suitable or appropriate in the circumstances, as in 'His explanation was apt.' Phrases like 'apt to' and 'apt metaphor' use 'apt' to denote likelihood or appropriateness, respectively.