prone Definition

  • 1likely to do something or be affected by something, especially something bad
  • 2lying flat with the face down

Using prone: Examples

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  • Example

    Children are prone to accidents.

  • Example

    He is prone to depression.

  • Example

    The area is prone to flooding.

  • Example

    She was lying prone on the ground.

prone Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with prone

  • a position in which the body is lying flat with the face down


    The doctor asked the patient to lie in a prone position for the examination.

  • likely to make mistakes or errors


    The software is prone to error and needs to be updated frequently.

  • tending to overstate or magnify things


    He is prone to exaggeration and often makes things sound worse than they actually are.

Origins of prone

from Latin 'pronus', meaning 'bent forward'


Summary: prone in Brief

The term 'prone' [prohn] describes a likelihood of doing or being affected by something, often negative. It can also refer to lying flat with the face down, as in 'She was lying prone on the ground.' 'Prone' is used in phrases like 'prone position,' and 'prone to error,' indicating a tendency towards mistakes or errors.