error Definition

  • 1a mistake or inaccuracy
  • 2the state or condition of being wrong in conduct or judgment

Using error: Examples

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    There was an error in the calculation.

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    The report contains several errors.

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    It was an error of judgment to trust him.

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    The referee made a serious error.

error Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using error

  • it is natural for people to make mistakes


    Don't be too hard on yourself. To err is human, after all.

  • by mistake or accident


    I received this package in error.

  • to realize that one has been wrong and to change one's behavior


    After losing his job, he saw the error of his ways and started taking responsibility for his actions.

Phrases with error

  • a method of achieving something by trying different ways until the correct one is found


    She learned how to cook through trial and error.

  • a mistake made by a person rather than being caused by a machine or system


    The accident was caused by human error.

  • the amount by which a result might differ from the true value


    The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.

Origins of error

from Latin 'error', meaning 'wandering, straying, deviation'


Summary: error in Brief

The term 'error' [ˈerər] refers to a mistake or inaccuracy, as well as the state of being wrong in conduct or judgment. It can refer to anything from a calculation mistake to a serious error of judgment. Common phrases include 'trial and error,' 'human error,' and 'margin of error.' The idiom 'to err is human' acknowledges that making mistakes is natural, while 'to see the error of one's ways' means to realize one has been wrong and change their behavior.

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