see Definition

  • 1to perceive with the eyes
  • 2to understand or comprehend something
  • 3to meet or visit someone
  • 4to watch a movie, play, or other performance

Using see: Examples

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    I can see the mountains in the distance.

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    I see what you mean.

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    Let's go see a movie tonight.

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    I'm going to see my grandmother this weekend.

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Idioms Using see

  • to become very angry


    Whenever someone insults her, she sees red and starts yelling.

  • to see bright flashes of light, usually after being hit on the head


    He got hit in the head with a baseball and saw stars for a few seconds.

  • to understand the overall situation or context


    It's important to see the big picture when making decisions that affect a lot of people.

Phrases with see

  • to agree with someone


    We don't always see eye to eye on everything, but we respect each other's opinions.

  • wait and see

    to wait for a situation to develop before taking action


    We're not sure if the weather will be good enough for a picnic, so we'll just have to wait and see.

  • to finally understand something


    After months of struggling with the math problem, I finally saw the light and was able to solve it.

Origins of see

from Old English 'seon'


Summary: see in Brief

The verb 'see' [siː] refers to perceiving with the eyes, understanding something, meeting or visiting someone, and watching a performance. It is used in phrases like 'see eye to eye,' meaning agreement, and idioms like 'see red,' meaning anger. Informally, 'see' can be replaced with 'check out' or 'catch a glimpse of.'

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