discern Definition

  • 1to perceive or recognize something
  • 2to distinguish between things

Using discern: Examples

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  • Example

    It was difficult to discern any pattern in the data.

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    She could faintly discern the outline of a ship in the distance.

  • Example

    He has an eye for detail and can discern even the slightest differences.

  • Example

    It is important to discern between fact and fiction.

discern Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for discern

Phrases with discern

  • having the ability to perceive or recognize something


    She has a keen eye and is able to discern even the smallest details.

  • to distinguish between what is true and what is false


    It is important to discern the truth in order to make informed decisions.

  • to distinguish between two or more things that are similar


    It can be difficult to discern the difference between two very similar products.

Origins of discern

from Old French 'discerner', from Latin 'discernere', meaning 'to separate, distinguish'


Summary: discern in Brief

To 'discern' [dɪˈsɜːrn] means to perceive or recognize something, or to distinguish between things. It is often used to describe the ability to notice small details or differences, as in 'He has an eye for detail and can discern even the slightest differences.' 'Discern' is also used in phrases like 'able to discern' and 'discern the truth,' which emphasize the importance of distinguishing between things.