eye Definition

  • 1the organ of sight in humans and animals
  • 2the ability to see
  • 3a thing resembling an eye in appearance, shape, or relative position, in particular

Using eye: Examples

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  • Example

    She has blue eyes.

  • Example

    He has a black eye from the fight.

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    The eye of the storm is the calmest part.

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    The bird has eyes on the side of its head.

eye Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for eye

Idioms Using eye

  • an eye for an eye

    a punishment or retaliation that corresponds in kind to the injury suffered.


    The law of retaliation, 'an eye for an eye,' was practiced in ancient times.

  • catch someone's eye

    attract someone's attention.


    The colorful display in the store window caught her eye.

  • agree with someone.


    We don't always see eye to eye, but we respect each other's opinions.

Phrases with eye

  • keep an eye on

    watch carefully or vigilantly.


    Can you keep an eye on my bag while I go to the restroom?

  • famous or well-known and therefore likely to attract attention from the media and the public.


    As a celebrity, she is always in the public eye.

  • be romantically interested in someone.


    It's obvious that he has eyes for her.

Origins of eye

Old English 'ฤ“age', of Germanic origin; related to Dutch 'oog' and German 'Auge'


Summary: eye in Brief

The term 'eye' [aษช] refers to the organ of sight in humans and animals, as well as the ability to see. It can also refer to things resembling an eye in appearance, shape, or position, such as 'The bird has eyes on the side of its head.' Phrases like 'keep an eye on' and idioms like 'an eye for an eye' are common. 'Eye' is also used in expressions like 'in the public eye' and 'have eyes for someone.'

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