clumsy Definition

  • 1awkward in movement or action
  • 2lacking skill or dexterity

Using clumsy: Examples

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  • Example

    He was always tripping over his own feet, a clumsy oaf.

  • Example

    She made a clumsy attempt at repairing the vase.

  • Example

    The clumsy waiter spilled soup on the customer's lap.

  • Example

    I'm too clumsy to be a surgeon.

clumsy Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with clumsy

  • a lack of manual dexterity or coordination


    Her clumsy fingers made it difficult for her to play the piano.

  • an awkward or insincere expression of regret or remorse


    His clumsy apology only made things worse.

  • writing that is awkward, unpolished, or poorly executed


    The essay was marred by clumsy writing and grammatical errors.

Origins of clumsy

from Middle English 'clumse', meaning 'numb with cold'


Summary: clumsy in Brief

The term 'clumsy' [ˈklʌmzi] describes a lack of skill or dexterity, often resulting in awkward movements or actions. It can refer to physical clumsiness, as in 'The clumsy waiter spilled soup on the customer's lap,' or to a lack of finesse in other areas, such as 'clumsy writing.' Synonyms include 'awkward,' 'ungainly,' and 'inept,' while antonyms include 'graceful,' 'coordinated,' and 'dexterous.'

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