apology Definition

  • 1a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure
  • 2a formal written or spoken expression of regret for a fault or offense

Using apology: Examples

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    He issued a public apology for his behavior.

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    I owe you an apology for being late.

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    She made no apologies for her controversial remarks.

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    The company issued an apology to its customers for the inconvenience caused.

apology Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for apology

Phrases with apology

  • a series of public appearances made by a person or organization to apologize for past wrongdoings


    After the scandal, the politician went on an apology tour to regain public trust.

  • apology of riches

    an apology that is not needed because the speaker has too much of something


    When asked why he didn't buy a new car, he gave an apology of riches, saying he already had too many cars.

  • a defense of poetry as a legitimate and valuable art form


    In his 'Apology for Poetry,' Sir Philip Sidney argued that poetry was superior to other forms of writing.

Origins of apology

from Greek 'apologia', meaning 'a speech in defense'


Summary: apology in Brief

An 'apology' [əˈpɒlədʒi] is a regretful acknowledgment of an offense or failure, often expressed through a formal written or spoken statement. It can also refer to making amends or atonement for one's actions. Phrases like 'apology tour' and 'apology of riches' use 'apology' in a figurative sense. 'Apology for poetry' refers to a defense of poetry as a legitimate art form.

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