gracious Definition

  • 1courteous, kind, and pleasant, especially towards someone of lower social status
  • 2elegant and tasteful
  • 3showing divine grace

Using gracious: Examples

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  • Example

    She was a gracious hostess and made everyone feel welcome.

  • Example

    He thanked the staff in a gracious manner.

  • Example

    The hotel was decorated in a gracious style.

  • Example

    The queen was gracious enough to grant him an audience.

gracious Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with gracious

  • a lifestyle characterized by elegance, luxury, and comfort


    Their mansion was a symbol of their gracious living.

  • an ample or abundant supply of something


    The garden produced a gracious plenty of vegetables this year.

  • an exclamation of surprise or shock


    Gracious me! I had no idea it was so late.

Origins of gracious

from Old French 'gracios', from Latin 'gratiosus', from 'gratia' meaning 'favor, kindness'


Summary: gracious in Brief

The term 'gracious' [ˈɡreɪʃəs] refers to courteous and kind behavior, particularly towards those of lower social status. It also denotes elegance and refinement, as in 'The hotel was decorated in a gracious style.' Additionally, 'gracious' can describe divine grace. Phrases like 'gracious living' and 'gracious plenty' connote abundance and comfort.

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