charming Definition

  • 1very pleasant or attractive
  • 2having a pleasing personality or manner

Using charming: Examples

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    She has a charming smile.

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    The village is full of charming old houses.

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    He was a charming and witty host.

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    The charming little girl won everyone's heart.

charming Synonyms and Antonyms

Idioms Using charming

  • to impress or win over someone with one's charm or charisma


    He charmed the pants off the interviewer and got the job.

  • a person who appears to be charming and friendly but is actually deceitful and untrustworthy


    Be careful of him, he's a charming snake.

  • a person who is very attractive and charming but also mischievous or dangerous


    He's a charming devil, always getting into trouble but somehow managing to get out of it.

Phrases with charming

  • a person who has an attractive and pleasing personality


    Her charming personality made her very popular among her colleagues.

  • a smile that is very pleasant and attractive


    Her charming smile lit up the room.

  • an accent that is very pleasant and attractive to listen to


    His charming British accent made him stand out in the crowd.

Origins of charming

from the verb 'charm', meaning 'to please, attract'


Summary: charming in Brief

The term 'charming' [ˈtʃɑːmɪŋ] refers to something or someone that is very pleasant or attractive, often with a pleasing personality or manner. It can describe anything from a smile to a village, as in 'The village is full of charming old houses.' 'Charming' extends into phrases like 'charming personality,' and idioms like 'charming the pants off someone,' denoting the power of charm to win people over.

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