attractive Definition

having a pleasing appearance or character that attracts or is likely to attract people.

Using attractive: Examples

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    She has an attractive smile.

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    The new dress looks very attractive on you.

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    The company offers attractive benefits to its employees.

attractive Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for attractive

Phrases with attractive

  • a dangerous object or condition that is likely to attract children and may cause them harm


    The swimming pool in the backyard was considered an attractive nuisance, so the owners had to install a fence around it.

  • attractive force

    a physical force that causes objects to be drawn toward each other


    Gravity is an attractive force that keeps planets in orbit around the sun.

  • attractive proposition

    an offer or proposal that is appealing or advantageous


    The job offer was an attractive proposition, with a high salary and good benefits.

Origins of attractive

from Middle French 'attractif'


Summary: attractive in Brief

The term 'attractive' [əˈtræktɪv] describes something that has a pleasing appearance or character that draws people's attention. It can refer to physical appearance, personality, or other qualities that are appealing. Examples include 'She has an attractive smile,' and 'The company offers attractive benefits to its employees.' 'Attractive' also appears in phrases like 'attractive nuisance,' referring to a dangerous object that may harm children, and 'attractive proposition,' meaning an appealing offer or proposal.

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