unattractive Definition

  • 1not pleasing or appealing to look at
  • 2lacking beauty or charm

Using unattractive: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore an unattractive dress to the party.

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    The building was old and unattractive.

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    His personality made him unattractive to others.

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    The job offer was unattractive due to the low salary.

unattractive Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for unattractive

Antonyms for unattractive

Phrases with unattractive

  • unattractive proposition

    an offer or proposal that is not appealing or desirable


    The company's unattractive proposition led to a decline in sales.

  • unattractive features

    physical characteristics that are not pleasing to the eye


    The house had many unattractive features, such as peeling paint and a broken fence.

  • unattractive qualities

    personality traits that are not appealing or attractive


    His unattractive qualities, such as his arrogance and rudeness, made it difficult for him to make friends.


Summary: unattractive in Brief

The term 'unattractive' [ˌʌnəˈtræktɪv] refers to something that is not pleasing or appealing to look at, lacking beauty or charm. It can describe physical objects like buildings and clothing, as well as people's personalities or job offers. Synonyms include 'ugly,' 'plain,' and 'homely,' while antonyms include 'attractive,' 'beautiful,' and 'charming.'