gorgeous Definition

very beautiful or attractive.

Using gorgeous: Examples

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    She looked absolutely gorgeous in her new dress.

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    The sunset was a gorgeous display of colors.

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    The hotel had a gorgeous view of the ocean.

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    He gave her a gorgeous bouquet of flowers.

gorgeous Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for gorgeous

Antonyms for gorgeous

Phrases with gorgeous

  • drop-dead gorgeous

    extremely beautiful or attractive


    She was drop-dead gorgeous in her wedding dress.

  • a very attractive and muscular man


    She couldn't take her eyes off the gorgeous hunk at the gym.

  • beautiful and healthy-looking hair


    She takes good care of her hair, and now she has gorgeous locks.


Summary: gorgeous in Brief

The term 'gorgeous' [ˈɡɔːdʒəs] describes something or someone as very beautiful or attractive. It is often used to describe people's appearance, such as 'She looked absolutely gorgeous in her new dress,' or natural scenery, like 'The sunset was a gorgeous display of colors.' 'Gorgeous' can be intensified with phrases like 'drop-dead gorgeous,' and it can also refer to specific features, such as 'gorgeous locks.'

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