homely Definition

  • 1simple but cozy and comfortable, as in one's own home
  • 2unattractive in appearance

Using homely: Examples

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  • Example

    The homely atmosphere of the cottage made us feel at ease.

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    She was a homely woman with a kind heart.

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    The hotel room was small but homely.

  • Example

    The old house had a homely charm.

homely Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with homely

  • a face that is plain or unattractive


    She may not have been beautiful, but her homely face was full of character.

  • a simple and comforting meal, often associated with home cooking


    After a long day at work, I always look forward to a homely meal.

  • homely girl

    a girl who is plain or unattractive in appearance


    Despite being a homely girl, she had a great personality and was well-liked by everyone.

Origins of homely

from Old English 'hāmlic', meaning 'of the home'


Summary: homely in Brief

The term 'homely' [ˈhoʊmli] has two distinct meanings. The first refers to something that is simple but cozy and comfortable, like one's own home. For example, 'The homely atmosphere of the cottage made us feel at ease.' The second meaning is unattractive in appearance, as in 'She was a homely woman with a kind heart.' Synonyms include 'cozy,' 'comfortable,' 'welcoming,' 'plain,' 'unattractive,' and 'ugly.'

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