plain Definition

  • 1not decorated or elaborate; simple or basic in character
  • 2easily understood; clear
  • 3a large area of flat land with few trees

Using plain: Examples

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  • Example

    She wore a plain black dress to the funeral.

  • Example

    The instructions were written in plain English.

  • Example

    The Midwest is known for its vast plains.

plain Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with plain

  • an easy and uncomplicated task


    The project was plain sailing once we got the funding.

  • used to emphasize that something is straightforward and uncomplicated


    He's lazy, plain and simple.

  • visible and obvious


    The key was in plain sight on the kitchen counter.

Origins of plain

from Old French 'plain', from Latin 'planus'


Summary: plain in Brief

The term 'plain' [pleɪn] refers to something that is not decorated or elaborate, such as a plain black dress. It can also mean easily understood, as in instructions written in plain English. Additionally, it can refer to a large area of flat land with few trees, like the Midwest plains. Phrases like 'plain sailing' denote an easy task, while 'plain and simple' emphasizes straightforwardness.

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