sight Definition

  • 1the ability to see; vision
  • 2the act or fact of seeing someone or something
  • 3a thing that one sees or that can be seen

Using sight: Examples

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  • Example

    Her sight was impaired due to the injury.

  • Example

    The sight of the beautiful sunset left us speechless.

  • Example

    I caught sight of him running away.

  • Example

    The city is full of interesting sights.

sight Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with sight

  • to forget or ignore something important


    Don't lose sight of your goals.

  • to have a particular goal or ambition


    She set her sights on becoming a doctor.

  • someone or something that is a welcome and pleasing sight


    After being away for so long, seeing her family again was a sight for sore eyes.

Origins of sight

from Old English 'sihth', meaning 'something seen'


Summary: sight in Brief

The term 'sight' [saษชt] refers to the ability to see, or the act of seeing. It can also refer to something that is seen, such as a beautiful view or an interesting object. Common phrases include 'lose sight of,' meaning to forget something important, and 'set sights on,' meaning to have a particular goal or ambition. 'A sight for sore eyes' is used to describe something or someone that is a welcome and pleasing sight.

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