sore Definition

  • 1painful to the touch; tender
  • 2causing emotional pain or distress
  • 3angry and upset about something that has happened or something that someone has done

Using sore: Examples

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  • Example

    My feet are sore after walking all day.

  • Example

    He was sore from the workout yesterday.

  • Example

    She was sorely disappointed when she didn't get the job.

  • Example

    I'm still sore at him for forgetting my birthday.

  • Example

    The team was sore about losing the game.

sore Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for sore

Phrases with sore

  • a subject or issue about which someone is particularly sensitive or defensive


    Bringing up her ex-husband is a sore point with her.

  • someone who becomes angry or upset when they lose a game or competition


    He's such a sore loser that he won't play games with us anymore.

  • a sore throat

    a condition in which the throat is painful, especially when swallowing


    I have a sore throat and a cough, so I'm staying home today.

Origins of sore

from Old English 'sār'


Summary: sore in Brief

The adjective 'sore' [sɔːr] describes physical or emotional pain. It can refer to physical discomfort, as in 'My feet are sore after walking all day,' or emotional distress, as in 'She was sorely disappointed when she didn't get the job.' 'Sore' also has idiomatic uses, such as 'a sore point,' which refers to a sensitive topic, and 'a sore loser,' which describes someone who becomes upset when they lose a game or competition.

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