nuisance Definition

  • 1a person, thing, or circumstance causing inconvenience or annoyance
  • 2an offense that is not very serious

Using nuisance: Examples

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    The loud music from the party next door was a real nuisance.

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    The traffic jam was a major nuisance for commuters.

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    The neighbor's barking dog is a constant nuisance.

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    The company was fined for causing a public nuisance.

nuisance Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for nuisance

Phrases with nuisance

  • nuisance value

    the usefulness of something or someone based on their ability to cause trouble or difficulty


    The politician kept his opponent in the race just for nuisance value.

  • an act or condition that interferes with the use or enjoyment of a public place or endangers the health, safety, or morals of the community


    The city council passed an ordinance against public nuisances like littering and loitering.

  • an unwanted or unsolicited phone call, typically from telemarketers or scammers


    I keep getting nuisance calls from this number, even though I've asked them to stop.

Origins of nuisance

from Old French 'nuire', meaning 'to harm'


Summary: nuisance in Brief

The term 'nuisance' [ˈnjuːsns] refers to a person, thing, or circumstance that causes inconvenience or annoyance. It can range from minor irritations like a barking dog to more serious offenses like public nuisances. 'Nuisance' also includes phrases like 'nuisance value,' which describes the usefulness of something or someone based on their ability to cause trouble, and 'nuisance call,' which refers to unwanted or unsolicited phone calls.