annoyance Definition

  • 1the feeling of being slightly angry or impatient because of something that is happening or someone who is behaving in a difficult way
  • 2something that makes you feel slightly angry or impatient

Using annoyance: Examples

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  • Example

    The constant noise from the construction site was an annoyance to the neighbors.

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    Her habit of interrupting people mid-sentence was a constant annoyance to her colleagues.

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    I find it an annoyance when people don't clean up after themselves in public spaces.

annoyance Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for annoyance

Phrases with annoyance

  • something that is unpleasant but must be done or accepted


    Filling out paperwork is a necessary annoyance when applying for a job.

  • something that is only slightly irritating or bothersome


    The sound of the clock ticking was a minor annoyance while I was trying to read.

  • something that is very irritating or bothersome


    The constant interruptions were a major annoyance during the meeting.

Origins of annoyance

from Old French 'enoiance', from 'enoier' meaning 'to annoy'


Summary: annoyance in Brief

An 'annoyance' [əˈnɔɪəns] is a feeling of slight anger or impatience caused by something or someone. It can also refer to something that causes this feeling, such as noise or interruptions. Phrases like 'a necessary annoyance' and 'minor annoyance' describe situations where the annoyance is tolerable, while 'major annoyance' describes situations where it is not. Synonyms include 'irritation', 'bother', and 'nuisance'.