displeasure Definition

a feeling of annoyance or disapproval.

Using displeasure: Examples

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  • Example

    The teacher expressed her displeasure with the student's behavior.

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    He couldn't hide his displeasure at the news.

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    She resigned from the company due to her displeasure with the management.

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    The team's performance caused great displeasure among the fans.

displeasure Synonyms and Antonyms

Phrases with displeasure

  • to feel annoyed or disapprove of something


    I take great displeasure in your behavior.

  • to express one's annoyance or disapproval


    The shareholders voiced their displeasure at the company's decision.

  • to make someone feel annoyed or disapprove of something


    His actions caused great displeasure among his colleagues.


Summary: displeasure in Brief

The term 'displeasure' [dɪsˈplɛʒər] refers to a feeling of annoyance or disapproval. It is often used to describe someone's reaction to a particular situation, such as a teacher expressing displeasure with a student's behavior or a fan feeling displeasure with a team's performance. Phrases like 'take displeasure in' and 'voice displeasure' are commonly used to express this feeling.

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