airline Definition

a company that provides regular flights to places.

Using airline: Examples

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    I work for an airline.

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    Which airline are you flying with?

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    The airline canceled my flight due to bad weather.

airline Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for airline

  • air carrier
  • air service
  • air transportation

Phrases with airline

  • low-cost airline

    an airline that offers cheaper fares than traditional airlines by reducing costs in various ways, such as charging for additional services or using smaller airports


    I always fly with a low-cost airline to save money.

  • an airline that is owned or subsidized by a national government and represents the country's flag on its aircraft


    British Airways is the flag carrier airline of the United Kingdom.

  • an airline that operates flights on a charter basis, meaning that the entire aircraft is rented by a group or individual for a specific trip or period of time


    We chartered a plane from a charter airline for our vacation.

Origins of airline

from 'air' + 'line'


Summary: airline in Brief

An 'airline' [ˈɛəlaɪn] is a company that provides regular flights to places. It includes traditional airlines, low-cost airlines, flag carrier airlines, and charter airlines. Examples of usage include 'Which airline are you flying with?' and 'The airline canceled my flight due to bad weather.'

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