amalgamating Definition

  • 1combine or unite to form one organization or structure
  • 2mix or blend together in a way that makes it hard to distinguish the separate elements

Using amalgamating: Examples

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  • Example

    The two companies will be amalgamating to form a new corporation.

  • Example

    He is amalgamating different styles of music in his latest album.

  • Example

    The artist is known for amalgamating different art forms in his work.

amalgamating Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms for amalgamating

Antonyms for amalgamating

Phrases with amalgamating

  • join or merge with another organization or group


    The small startup amalgamated with a larger company to expand their reach.

  • combine and become part of a larger whole


    The two departments amalgamated into a single unit for better efficiency.

  • combine or mix two or more things together


    She amalgamated her love for cooking with her passion for travel to create a unique food blog.

Origins of amalgamating

from amalgamate, from Latin 'amalgama', meaning 'a soft solder'


Summary: amalgamating in Brief

'Amalgamating' [əˈmælɡəmeɪtɪŋ] refers to the act of combining or blending different elements to form a unified whole. It can be used to describe the merging of organizations or the mixing of different styles or art forms. Phrases like 'amalgamate with' and 'amalgamate into' denote joining or becoming part of a larger whole. 'Amalgamating' is often used formally to describe mergers or integrations.