blend Definition

  • 1to mix two or more substances together to make a new substance
  • 2to combine different things in a way that is harmonious or attractive

Using blend: Examples

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  • Example

    Blend the ingredients together until smooth.

  • Example

    The colors blend well together.

  • Example

    The music blends traditional and modern elements.

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    Her interests blend science and art.

blend Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with blend

  • to fit in with others or the surroundings


    She tried to blend in with the crowd by wearing casual clothes.

  • to become unnoticed or unremarkable


    He prefers to blend into the background and avoid attention.

  • blend of cultures

    a combination of different cultural influences


    The city's cuisine is a blend of various cultures from around the world.

Origins of blend

from Old Norse 'blanda', meaning 'to mix'


Summary: blend in Brief

The verb 'blend' [blend] means to mix substances or combine different things in a harmonious or attractive way. It can refer to physical mixing, such as 'Blend the ingredients together until smooth,' or more abstract combinations, like 'Her interests blend science and art.' Phrases like 'blend in' and 'blend into the background' describe fitting in with surroundings or becoming unnoticed. 'Blend of cultures' refers to a combination of different cultural influences.

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