background Definition

  • 1the part of a picture or scene that is farthest from the viewer
  • 2the circumstances or situation prevailing at a particular time or underlying a particular event
  • 3a person's education, experience, and social circumstances

Using background: Examples

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    The mountains in the background of the painting are breathtaking.

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    The company's financial background is strong.

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    She has a background in finance and accounting.

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    The candidate's background check revealed a criminal record.

background Synonyms and Antonyms

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Idioms Using background

  • not the main focus of attention; happening quietly or secretly


    While the children played in the foreground, the adults talked in the background.

  • information provided by a source that cannot be quoted directly


    The journalist received information on background from a government official.

  • music played softly in the background of a public place or event


    The restaurant had pleasant background music playing during dinner.

Phrases with background

  • unwanted sound present in an environment


    The background noise in the restaurant made it difficult to hear our conversation.

  • an investigation into a person's past employment, criminal history, and personal records


    The company conducted a thorough background check before hiring the new employee.

  • ionizing radiation that is always present in the environment


    Background radiation comes from natural sources such as cosmic rays and radioactive elements in the earth's crust.

Origins of background

from back + ground, meaning 'the ground in the rear of a picture'


Summary: background in Brief

The term 'background' [ˈbækɡraʊnd] refers to the part of a picture or scene that is farthest from the viewer, or the circumstances or situation underlying a particular event. It can also refer to a person's education, experience, and social circumstances. Phrases like 'background noise' and 'background check' are common, as well as idioms like 'in the background,' which means not the main focus of attention.

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