heritage Definition

  • 1valued objects and qualities such as cultural traditions, unspoiled countryside, and historic buildings that have been passed down from previous generations
  • 2property that is or may be inherited; an inheritance

Using heritage: Examples

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    The town's heritage is preserved in its historic buildings.

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    She has a rich cultural heritage.

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    He inherited a large heritage from his grandfather.

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    The company is a heritage brand with a long history.

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Idioms Using heritage

  • a child who resembles one of their parents in character or behavior


    His son is a chip off the old block, just like him.

  • in the blood

    a characteristic or talent that runs in the family


    Musical talent seems to be in the blood in their family.

  • to transmit something to the next generation


    My grandmother passed down her recipes to my mother.

Phrases with heritage

  • the customs, beliefs, values, and artifacts that a group of people share, which are passed down from generation to generation


    The museum showcases the cultural heritage of the indigenous people.

  • the natural environment and its features, including flora and fauna, geological formations, and landscapes


    The national park protects the country's natural heritage.

  • the man-made structures and buildings that are considered important for their historical, architectural, or cultural significance


    The city council is responsible for preserving the built heritage of the town.

Origins of heritage

from Old French 'eritage', meaning 'inheritance'


Summary: heritage in Brief

The term 'heritage' [ˈherɪtɪdʒ] refers to valued objects and qualities passed down from previous generations, including cultural traditions, natural environments, and historic buildings. It can also refer to property that is or may be inherited. Examples include 'The town's heritage is preserved in its historic buildings.' and 'He inherited a large heritage from his grandfather.' Phrases like 'cultural heritage' and 'built heritage' denote specific types of heritage, while idioms like 'a chip off the old block' and 'in the blood' describe inherited characteristics or talents.

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