amaze Definition

to surprise or impress someone greatly; to cause wonder or astonishment.

Using amaze: Examples

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    The magician's tricks amazed the audience.

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    I am amazed by her talent.

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    The beauty of the sunset never fails to amaze me.

amaze Synonyms and Antonyms

Antonyms for amaze

Phrases with amaze

  • to be surprised or impressed by something


    I amaze at how quickly she learns new things.

  • to surprise or impress someone with something


    She amazed us with her incredible singing voice.

  • to always surprise or impress someone


    Her creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Origins of amaze

from Old English 'āmasian', meaning 'to confound, perplex'


Summary: amaze in Brief

'Amaze' [əˈmeɪz] means to surprise or impress someone greatly, causing wonder or astonishment. It is often used to describe something impressive or surprising, as in 'The magician's tricks amazed the audience.' 'Amaze' can be used in phrases like 'amaze at' and 'amaze with,' and it has synonyms like 'astonish' and 'astound.'

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