ambitious Definition

  • 1having or showing a strong desire and determination to succeed
  • 2requiring great effort, ability, or skill

Using ambitious: Examples

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    She has always been an ambitious student, striving for excellence in all her classes.

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    The company's ambitious expansion plans include opening 50 new stores in the next year.

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    His ambitious project to build a sustainable city from scratch requires significant funding and expertise.

ambitious Synonyms and Antonyms

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Phrases with ambitious

  • ambitious goals

    challenging objectives that require significant effort, resources, or skills to achieve


    The team set ambitious goals for the upcoming quarter, aiming to double their sales revenue.

  • a detailed strategy or proposal that aims to achieve a challenging objective


    The government's ambitious plan to reduce carbon emissions by 50% in the next decade has received mixed reactions from experts.

  • a large-scale initiative or undertaking that requires significant resources, planning, and execution


    The company's ambitious project to develop a self-driving car has attracted top talent from around the world.

Origins of ambitious

from Latin 'ambitiosus', meaning 'going around to solicit votes'


Summary: ambitious in Brief

The term 'ambitious' [æmˈbɪʃəs] describes a person or project that has a strong desire and determination to succeed. It can also refer to something that requires great effort, ability, or skill. Examples of ambitious individuals include students who strive for excellence and companies with expansion plans. Phrases like 'ambitious goals' and 'ambitious project' denote challenging objectives that require significant resources, planning, and execution.

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